Everything about Useful Pallet Towel Rack

Jul 19th

In personalized towels we know how important it is for you to have decoration of your home in perfect condition, and for that reason, today we want to give you some ideas to make your own towel rack and thus give a very personal and original touch to spaces of your bathrooms. You no longer have to spend money, continue reading this post and find out everything about this useful object. Now we return to theme focusing on an essential accessory for this place in house: towel racks with pallets or without them, they can never be missing. Pay attention to these three ideas to have your own pallet towel rack. Best? They are very economical, totally customizable. And if you get tired of them you can soon recycle them and make a new one with same material.

Wood Pallet Towel Rack

Everything is advantages!  An object that is usually left to forget once it fulfills its function. They are famous wooden pallets, use to transport and store merchandise. Either full use if pallet is in good condition, or taking advantage of sheets so that they serve, this object is very well use to make beautiful towel racks with a country and farmer’s style, quite original where you can store your towels. You can also use a wooden hook, use self-tapping screws to fix it and ready.

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But, before that, it is important to give a treatment to wood. Especially of your preference. You can sand it in such a way to remove irregular edges. Apply a special poison to prevent termites from damaging it. Then a sealer to protect wood of humidity. And varnish to give shine or if you prefer another smell, you omit varnish and apply paint of tonality of your preference. You can use any material that serves you, if you do not have self-tapping screws you can use nails, clothespins or any other material that serves as a decorative element to hang towels.

You can buy it there or do it yourself, if you look carefully image is as easy as fixing two small pallets. And then, screw metal part that serves as a towel rack itself. We finished our selection of towel racks with pallets with most original option. But also one that occupies most space. They show us a staircase that will give your bathroom a very special and different air. Although here it has curved shapes, you can also do it with right angles leaving pallet in rough. Something simpler and within reach of everyone, including less handyman.

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