How to Clean Vinyl Lattice Panels

Jul 17th

Normal glass is glossy, smooth and transparent vinyl lattice panels, but exposing glass to hydrofluoric acid makes the glass pierced and translucent or “frosted”. Frosted glass can be cleaned as you would not frosted glass, but because dirt-locking pits in frosted glass, it is often necessary to use a rough sponge to clean the surface. Frosted glass is also easily characterized by metal objects, which requires the use of wet and dry paints to banish all bumps and stripes

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Spray frosted vinyl lattice panel’s surface with a commercial window cleaner. An ammonia-based window socket works well. Use paper towels, newspapers or a rough sponge, wipe frosted glass panel in a circular motion. If frosted glass is very dirty, you must use coarse sponge and powerful scrub glass to clean dirt and grease from microscopic pits in the glass. Do not be afraid to scrub hard, frosted glass is much tougher than “normal” glass due to the chemical process being undergone to achieve frosted surface. Be careful not to rub wood and paint around frosted glass panel, however, abrasive sponges can strip wood from wood.

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Remove metallic impacts and stripes caused by metal objects against frosted glass panel by wet and dry paints of a similar grade, roughness like the glass. If you use a coarser stain on a smoother glass, you run the risk of scratching frosted glass. When you drive your fingertips over it, the color cloth should feel like frosted glass. Scrub metallic thing in a circular motion with the wet color cloth until the metallic mark is removed. Rub the area frosted glass around it equally well that even the pits so there is no noticeable space left by grinding with a smear. Clean frosted glass with a window sill after removing the metallic marks from your frosted glass.

Tips and warnings

Allow the windows to air dry for a striped finish. Always test your ink on a clear part of the frosted glass panel before proceeding. All digital projectors generate heat during operation. The heat is spread through fans equipped with filters to capture any dust that may enter the projector. Regular maintenance is required to clean or replace clogged filters. Most manuals that come with projectors indicate a recommended maintenance schedule based on hours. Dummy conditions may require your projector to be cleaned more often. If you discover a green dust lump visible in dark areas on a projected image, it’s time to clean your projector’s filters and LCD panels.

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